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Macbeth rap

Hey I'm a Scottish thane and ma names Macbeth
I go around the place and bring nothing but death
I was a thane of the gloms which is very clear
And the price for messing with me is very dear

I fought two whole armies on my own
With just me and my Scottish buddies we would pown
It was against the rebel MacDonwald
And an invasion from Norway which was pretty bold

It seems that the thane of Cawdor was a traitor
The king was PO that he helped the invaders
So sent the thane to his death
And gave his title to me Macbeth

After the battle that was vicious
I met up with three old witches
They told I would be king
Only if I kill though that is not my thing

They said my friend Banquo kids would to be kings
Then the king came and told me a couple a things
That he was going to visit me
My wife plotted evilly

Maybe we should just murder him
So I went to the king's room when it was dim
And was about to enter when a bloody dagger appeared
And thought this apparition was weird

But I ignored as continued on
And slaughtered the king before it was dawn
After the sin was done I could never sleep again
While the king lay dead and slain

My wife just told me to wash the blood off my hands
As I did she smears blood on my servants face as I stand
After she was finished there was a knock on the door
And was greeted by the drunk porter

It was macduff the thane of fife
And found the king was slain by a knife
The kings two sons plan to runaway
Which in my opinion was pretty gay

After the death that was without a sound
I was chosen to be king and was crowned
My friend banquo thought I was the killer
And I knew he would be a spiller

So I invited him and his son to a feast
And hired three men to make them deceased
They managed to kill banquo but not his son flance
And he ranaway fast taking his chance

As I was a about to propose a toast
I started to see my dead friend's a ghost
I gave a scream and started to panic
But my wife told the guest that he's just sick

After the guests left as they were told
My wife got cranky and started to scold
She told me it was all in my head
And said there are others to make dead

I couldn't bear my mind with all these pictures
So I went asked the three witches
They sent three spirits in a puff
A man in helmet said to beware Macduff

And child covered in blood said I may not be harmed by those born of woman
And a child in a crown said I would not be defeated till trees march to Dunsinanne
So if thought to myself I would not lose
But the three witches told me banquo's kids would soon wear my kingly shoes

So I went to macduff's place to kill his family
Macduff's wife was complaining loudly
Then came along the two killers
And killed the family and proved they were sinners

When macduff came to see his family was dead
He swore he would have my head
He started an army of ten thousand men
And my lords deserted me in the end

The soldiers had carried trees as they marched
And then the army started to charge
As this all happened a scream went out that would rattle a shelf
It seems my wife had gone and killed herself

But did not care for her death
Because that's just how I roll cause I'm Macbeth
As the battle raged and raged
Many a man I have slayed
Then macduff challenged me to a duel
And whoever won would be the one rule
So I agreed in my vanity as I would you see
I told no man born of woman can harm me

But he just laughed and told me he was taken out by caesarean section
And I then knew I had no protection
He gave a cry and stabbed me dead
Then from my body he took of my head

He showed he showed my head to Malcolm
He soon took over the whole kingdom
The moral of the story as you can see
Is never let your ambition let you act unwisely
i did this for a english project
i hope you like it
PichuloveSega Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012
That was awesome. That was good did a good grade on your english project because that was good:D
silverxblaze1 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2012
Thanks and I havent got the grade back
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